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UEH in Top 1000 Good Business school

16:26 - 01/11/2013

The Eduniversal has announced the annual list of Top 1000 Good Business School conducting from 154 countries in over the world. The list is divided into 5 groups:

- UNIVERSAL Business School (grade 5 Palmes): 103 universities

- TOP Business School (grade 4 Palmes): 190 universities

- EXCELLENT Business School (grade 3 Palmes): 394 universities

- GOOD Business School (grade 2 Palmes): 202 universities

- LOCAL Reference (grade 1 Palmes): 93 universities

According to this announcement, Vietnam has 3 representatives in Top 1000. All of them are GOOD Business School (grade 2 Palmes). There are:

  • The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) is graded 14/202 of 2 Palmes, equivalent 701 of Top 1000
  • FPT School of Business (FSB) is graded 18/202 of 2 Palmes, equivalent 705 of Top 1000
  • The CFVG (Vietnam) is graded 14/202 of 2 Palmes, equivalent 762 of Top 1000

Top 10 of UNIVERSAL Business School

There are also have 3 universities in Top Good Business school in ASEANs including NUS Business school (Singapore), Fudan School of Management (China RP) and HKUST School of Business (Hong Kong).

The list of Eduniversal includes 1,000 best Business schools after being accredited over 4,000 management and business administration universities from 154 countries by the International Science Committee.

The Eduniversal has established since 1994 in charge of grading good business school on over the world. The grading from Eduniversal will help students in selecting good institutions for their study. Moreover, employers also recruit best candidates or send their staff for training basing on the list from Eduniversal.

Source: Thuy Phuong (Tri Thuc Tre newspaper)

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