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Meeting with representatives delegation of Bosch Group (Germany)

08:22 - 14/02/2014

In morning February 12th 2014, at UEH, there had a meeting with representatives delegation of Bosch Group (Germany). Leading of the delegation was Mr. Claus Von Scheliha - Head of Corporate Financial Accounting, Bosch Group. In the group, there had also including country representatives members of company's financial sector such as Germany, China, India and Vietnam.

In this visit, the delegation would like to find out UEH training programs to students, especially students of finance and accounting. Thereby, the company will have benefit to UEH in supporting development of training and scientific research. Specifically, since 2014, the company will receive final-year students specializing in finance and accounting taking internship at its branches. The internship period will take from 4 to 6 months and will expand on over the world in next years.

Bosch Group is a leading group of Germany and is one of the world's leading groups of engineering and portable power tools. The company is now expanding to investment in area of clean energy and biotechnology. Bosch Group's operations are on 90 countries with over 270,000 employees.

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