Trường Đại học Kinh Tế TP.Hồ Chí Minh


Based on the needs of faculties and departments, UEH periodically holds training courses for staff members. Besides scholarships funded by the government’s and international partners’ programmes and projects, staff members are also participated in short-term training courses aiming at enhancing and broadening participants’ knowledge in specific approaches such as finance, accounting, auditing, administration, commerce, service, etc.

Simultaneously, staff members are honed with soft skills, thus be able to enhance their competences on problem solving, analytical and strategic thinking. In the past 2 years, UEH successfully organised such chains of course as English, Modern office administration, Knowledge of State management, Skills for managing and writing website articles,  Writing syllabus, Teaching with case studies, Presentation skills in English, Advanced Econometrics, Research methodology, Modern pedagogy methods, etc.

Viện, trung tâm, công ty và các chương trình hợp tác quốc tế