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Decision No 832/QĐ-ĐHKT-TCHC dated on July 27th, 2012 of UEH stipulating on recruitment, probation and appointment of staff members

The Regulation includes 30 Articles in which it offers definitions of basic terms and specifies essential standards for the candidate to be a member of UEH. Candidates are expected to gain matching degrees and certificates and to meets satisfactory requirements of the position. Academic and professional staff probation will normally be for an initial period of not less than 12 months before an official decision can be issued.

Decision No     /QĐ-ĐHKT-TCHC dated on May     , 2012 of UEH stipulating on policies for managers and professional staffs working as lecturers

The Decision replaces previous decisions and to be in effective since May    ,2012. It issues conditions and standards that managers and professional staff must follow during their teaching. Owning Master or Doctor of subject involved specializations, gaining pedagogical competence and having academic experience are prerequisites for professional staff members to participate as academic ones. The Decision also details rights and responsibilities of the managers and the professional staff members during their work as lecturers.

Regulation No     /QyĐ-ĐHKT-TCHC dated on October 17th, 2011 on issuing policies for visiting lecturers

Collected with 5 Chapters, the Regulation mentions to UEH’s and visiting lecturers’ rights, obligations and responsibilities. The Regulation assigns principles, objectives and roles of visiting lecturers. It emphasizes on standards, norms and forms of contract to the visting lecturers. Apart from direct teaching, member participating in other academic work related training activities are considered visiting lecturers.


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