Trường Đại học Kinh Tế TP.Hồ Chí Minh

UEH Culture

  1. Core values
  • Pride and develop UEH traditions
  • Respect teachers, be nice and kind to others
  • Integrate and willing to help one another
  • Avoid departmentalism
  1. Code of conducts at UEH

For UEH authorities

  • Acting appropriately and in accordance with laws, UEH regulations and Vietnamese traditions
  • Respecting the dignity and rights of others
  • Setting example in complying with rules and regulations; fulfilling self responsibilities; keeping self and UEH reputation
  • Treating staffs fairly and is considerate of their circumstances, assisting staffs in competing their tasks
  • Being friendly, honest and providing opportunities for staff members to express their opinions
  • Being fair and objective in evaluating staff performance
  • Being patient and persuasive

For staff members

In relation to UEH authorities

  • Fulfilling contractual obligations to the employers
  • Performing assigned tasks with full professional responsibility and bringing forth suggestions regarding the administration of UEH

In relation to colleagues

  • Integrating, cooperating for the common targets and objectives; building a good relationship at work
  • Being friendly, open, respectful, honest and considerate of others’ circumstances; fulfilling assigned tasks; willing to help colleagues performing their tasks
  • Speaking appropriately; giving criticism that are appropriately motivated and positively intended, in a timely manner; welcoming criticism and seeking to understand the criticism for appropriate adjustments
  • Working on time ; participating all the necessary meetings
  • Learning actively

In relation to students

  • Treating students with dignity and respect and is considerate of their circumstances
  • Working with student-concentrated goals; facilitating learning activities

Of students

Code of behaviour in classroom

  • Respecting teachers
  • Learning actively, being honest, truthful and critical
  • Complying with, and encouraging others to comply with laws and UEH rules and regulations
  • Keeping classrooms green and clean
  • Actively participating in community activities

Code of conducts within UEH

  • Acting appropriately, being self-respectful, polite and gentle
  • Respecting teachers and other UEH staff members; being friendly to other students
  • Dressing appropriately and in a manner that shows respect to themselves, to others and to the UEH
  • Being economical, saving UEH properties
  • Being proud to be a part of UEH

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