Trường Đại học Kinh Tế TP.Hồ Chí Minh

Mission - Vision

Core values
- Understand the needs of students and the society
- Transfer results of scientific research to institutions and corporates
- Develope groups of highly professional, dynamic, responsible and virtous staff
- Stimulate technological application in the working, teaching and learning ambiences creatively
- Pride and develope UEH’s traditional values

Common goals
Developing UEH into a prestigious university for training, scientific research and consultancy in the sicence of economics and business administration in Vietnam and Asia; building groups of staff with high qualification and research capacities; providing sufficient facilities and modern equipments for all activities of the unversity; constructing training programmes to catch up regional standards of higher education and access to  development trends of advanced education in the world with high competitiveness to adapt to  the global integration.

Specific targets in the period of  2010-2015
- Constantly improve the quality of training to ensure that learners are always provided  up-to-date specialised knowledge, applied high-technology and trained with professional skills and ethics
- Construct training programmes in references to those of advanced universities all over the world to adapt to social needs
- Develop a reasonable scale of education with stability of size and quality enhancement of undergraduate as well as postgraduate training; actively make use of information technology, media and modern equipments for teaching.

- Promote the scientific research, including academic and applied studies for social requirements and enhance contributions from scientific activities.
- Strengthen the international cooperation to support training and researching activities
- Implement the accreditation of training programmes and quality assurance by concrete solutions
- Develop sufficient teaching and management staff with good ethics, high professional qualifications and advanced teaching and management style.
- Accelerate the application of information technology and improve the effectiveness in the university administration.

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