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MINUTES OF THE MEETING: Experiences and suggestions after the Actual Quality Assessment on Training Programme of Finance-Banking (Banking Major) according to Quality Assurance standards of Asean University Network (AUN-QA)

10:43 - 09/07/2013
Time: 08:30 am
Date: 26/6/2013
Place: Meeting room A.103
Secretary: MA. Nguyen Thanh Su (Personnel – Administration Dept)
Chairman: Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong (President)
Participants: Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong – Secretary of Party Committee, The UEH President - Chairman of the Meeting. There were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Duoc – Deputy Permanent Secretary of Party Committee; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thi Bich Nguyet - Vice President; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Hoang Ngan – Vice President; Heads (Deputy Heads) of UEH’s faculty, centers, institutes, UEH management Board and faculty and all of members participating in meeting the AUN assessors and developing self-assessment report


The Department of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance of UEH give a brief general report summing up the performance of reception as well as advantages, disadvantages, experiences and suggestions after the Actual Quality Assessment on Training Programme of Finance-Banking (Banking Major) according to Quality Assurance standards of Asean University Network (AUN-QA); The representatives participated discussions on experiences when implementing self-assessment of a bachelor Finance-Banking training program (Banking major) according to Quality Assurance standards of AUN. The lessons and experiences have been learnt and drawn out for improvements from all of the faculties and units of UEH. The president concludes and directs the assessment, quality assurance activities of UEH, as follows:

1. First of all, on behalf of Board of President, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong, representative of the Board of Presidents showed their thanks for the contributions of all the faculties and units of UEH in implementing Quality Assessment on training programme of Finance-Banking Bachelor (Banking Major) according to Quality Assurance standards of Asean University Network (AUN - QA) and also thanks for the Department of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance for great preparation for the welcoming the AUN Assessors and all of the documentation and assessment profile for the assessment

2. The president requires the Faculty of Banking and the Department of Education Testing and Quality Assurance to complete the Banking training quality assessment documents after implementing improvement solutions;

3. Relevant departments implement the solutions to overcome the limits that AUN assessors have pointed out and determine to perform 15 points for improvement. After 1 year of implementation, the Faculty of Banking and the Department of Education Testing and Quality Assurance are required to evaluate how the 15 points for improvement suggested by the AUN assessors are to be implemented? Why?

4. The presidents have agreed with the lessons learned and they will be considered as the guidelines of training quality evaluation of UEH in the future. The president has showed his agreement for suggestions of the Department of Education Testing and Quality Assurance to be implemented, as follows:


  • It should be consistent with the point of "learner-centered“
  • Pay attention on participation and satisfaction of stakeholders
  • Have consentaneous among faculty’s members
  • Assure efficiency of student consulting activities
  • Regularly reckon and update data
  • Build process and plan
  • Arrange and systematize evidences
  • Infrastructure
  • Use “checklists”


  • Review and improve ELO for all major / specialized majors of UEH
  • Review and complete evidences that serve as basic for the ELO. (Training system; training support and student consult)
  • Suggest faculties should form an QA team (It has 2-3 members, including 1 faculty leader who is in charge)
  • All of the faculties and units of UEH to review the reports from the Departments of the Educational Testing and Faculty of Banking, to develop action plans and then to improve and also to make the best effort in improving the quality of the training programmes at UEH to meet AUN standards.
  • A close cooperation between QA team and faculties and related depts. is necessary in training program assessment according to AUN standards.

5. Assign the Department of Education Testing and Quality Assurance to classify the improvement contents, what belongs to UEH and what belongs to faculties and consult the presidents in documenting implementing direction such as: Expected learning outcomes, evidences preparation....

6. The continuous program assessment plan: in 2014 the specialized major International Business, Corporate Finance; in 2015 the specialized major Auditing, General Business Administration; in the end of 2015 (2016) assessing UEH training program.

7. The faculties that have not assessed for their training program yet must have a detailed improvement plan for overcoming their limits based on 9 lessons learned and 15 improvement points.

8. For the organization structure: each school / faculty assigns 1 leader to be in charge of quality evaluation and assurance and the presidents assign Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Trong Hoai – vice president for overall responsibility.


  • The development of Expected Learning Outcomes may be considered as to be developmental process.  This must be communicated and fully appreciated by all parties involved, including the students.
  • Banking-Finance is a fast changing area that requires input from various aspects of the industry.  There must constant input and interactions with the industry, local and global
  • The contents can be delivered to further demonstrate the applications of fundamental subjects i.e. math and econometrics in the Banking-Finance perspectives.  The use of English must be future exploited in presentations and case studies.
  • The SCL strategy must also be emphasised to the students. Their role in participating and contributing is equally important. Hence it equally important that the students be evaluated for their ‘role’.
  • Facilitate a “semester-abroad” programme (to be made part of curriculum) which students found it enriching.
  • Assessment method for skill-based and ‘practical-type’ courses can be further improved. This is particularly true for the internship program as well for the research project/thesis.
  • Such assessment must be aligned with the ELO of these ‘skills’.
  • Information dissemination is critical for proper understanding and commitment of all the members of the faculty and university.
  • It will be good to consider availing external training providers for up-to-date industry practice that can be applied by the university.
  • An admissions committee is good to tackle issues relating to student intake on a regular basis
  • Academic advising is done at the beginning and the end of the term.  It might be good to consider academic advising at the middle of the semester to catch the weaknesses of the students before taking the final examination.
  • It will be good to update references and on-line subscription of resources.  Collaboration of the library and academic staff is beneficial to improve library collection – planning.
  • Expected Learning Outcomes may be considered as to be continuously taken into account, described in particular in course handbook and regularly communicated to all involved persons: lecturers, students, stakeholders.
  • The percentages of participation may be considered to be still increased.
  • FOB may consider to increase the frequency, the response rates and sample seize and to make its reaction on the findings more visible.
  • FOB may consider increasing the successful involvement of students in research activities.
  • FOB may consider how to increase the soft skills of graduates (team-work; problem-solving; time management; English language incl. increasing the TOEIC score to be achieved).

9. Each lecturer, staff and leader of every unit of UEH are required to have determination in contributing their own efforts in enhancing the UEH training quality.

These are concluding remarks that all the UEH units are to promulgate to all the lecturers and staff and to implement.

The meeting ends at 10:30 the same day.


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